Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Light a Healing Candle Today for Japan!

As a Solitary Practitioner of Wicca, I have been directing healing energy to everyone, including all animals, as well as the Earth, that have affected by the horrendous disasters that continue in Japan.

There are many similar healing efforts going on globally involving all faith paths. Today, Sacred Mists has organized a collective effort, asking everyone of any faith to light a candle today to focus and direct healing and comfort directly to those affected. I have included the information below, because I believe that all prayers are significantly amplified by each added intention.

I have also repeated my own healing candle ritual that I have been using. Feel free to modify it in any way to adapt it to your own faith path.

Let's focus on what's actually happened: According to NASA, the Japanese earthquake, now estimated to have been 9.0, was so strong that it sped up the Earth's rotation by 1.6 microseconds! It was 700 TIMES stronger than the earthquake that leveled Haiti. In addition, many of the country's nuclear power plants have been threatened with partial or total meltdowns, and now radiation has been released into the atmosphere from one of the damaged reactors. Nearby residents have been told to stay inside and seal their homes!

That means that survivors need immediate physical and spiritual support. As a Wiccan, I believe in being religiously pro-active. That means that I have — and will continue — to offer a spiritual ritual in support of Japan's relief.

I believe people of any and all spiritual paths have a duty to help this stricken country in any way that is within our means. The religious laws I follow are simple:

"Bide the Wiccan laws ye must, in perfect love and perfect trust...Mind the Threefold Law ye should – three times bad and three times good...Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill – an it harm none, do what ye will."

Here is the information from Sacred Mists [Note: Above image is the Official Facebook Icon of Sacred Mists]:

Healing for Japan - A Sacred Mists "Window of Time" Global Event

"In an effort to organize a healing event that involves Sacred Mists members as well as inspire others around the world to participate, we have set aside a window of time that will provide us all the ability to take part in the event wherever we are in the world and at any time that is most convenient for us to do so. During this window of time, we ask that you take as much time as you are able to send healing, ...strength, and focus of will to those in Japan affected by this tragedy.

Our Window of Time Healing For Japan will be Tuesday, March 15th from 6am — 6pm Pacific (please adjust for your time locally). We will have candles lit and music streaming through our shared time together, and I invite each of you to participate in this much needed work for the people of Japan.

Please share this event with everyone you know, every group you belong to, every connection you may have anywhere in the world, no matter their spiritual affiliation. Together we can make a powerful difference!

Should you have any questions, please email japanhealing@sacredmists.com or visit our Sacred Mists College Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/SacredMists where we are listing the event!"

My Ritual

I am repeating a candle healing ritual that I have been using. Take your candle, I suggest a red one to represent Japan, and wait to light it until you have raised the energy. (If you don't have a red candle, don't worry about it, simply use any that you feel like using.)

Repeat the following prayer as many times as you feel is needed to feel the energy has been raised. As you repeat the prayer, envision as clearly as possible colorful images of a beautiful country, a Japan once again with healthy people and happy, laughing children. Truly "see" Japan as a whole, at peace and gloriously safe. See it very clearly — its people healed.


Great Mother Goddess, You who cares for ALL souls;
Our brothers and sisters in Japan are suffering untold misery and despair!

Their loved ones around the world also suffer with worry for them.
Friends and family continue to be consumed with fear for their fate.

As I, and others, gather around the world to light candles and pray,
I express my love and concern for all those who suffer.

I call upon You and pray:

Send all of Japan Your Love.
Send all of Japan Your Comfort.
Send all of Japan Your Healing.
Send all of Japan Your Strength.
Send all of the Earth Your Sacred Calm, Safety and Peace.
Welcome all Souls who have passed over to Gentle Rebirth.

Repeat this prayer and feel the Love of the Goddess until you can sense the literal tingle of energy around you, encompassing you. When you have raised the desired energy, firmly "gather and hold" onto the Love, Healing, and Comfort for Japan in your mind. Then release and direct that spiritual energy out from your body saying a resounding, "This is my intent," and send it forcefully into the unlit red candle.

As soon as you have infused the red candle with this sacred power, light it and watch its flame burn down as long as it seem appropriate. When you again feel the power rise and fill the candle, gently snuff it out, saying, "Thank you for granting my prayer — Blessed Be," while envisioning all of that contained energy flowing outward toward its goal, just as its smoke disperses.

To provide financial relief assistance to the people of Japan, there are numerous organizations to contact. I have included a link, just be sure to select one that has a proven track record and doesn't use a large percentage of the collected donations for administrative operating costs. Also, be very careful that you are not taken by scammers who have set up bogus donation sites.

— Danu's Daughter

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